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Issue Reservations Due Materials Due Issue Theme Notes
January 11/29/17 12/6/17 Financial Issue The Financial Issue will analyze all aspects of an operator’s business, from taxes and payroll to food and inventory.
February 12/27/17 1/4/18 International Pizza Expo Pre-Show Issue! International Pizza Expo Pre-Show Issue including the Preferred Suppliers Program
March 1/30/18 2/6/18 International Pizza Expo 2018 Issue International Pizza Expo Issue and Official Show-Guide.
Bonus Distribution: International Pizza Expo
April 2/23/18 3/2/18 Toppings Trends Toppings are always changing! What will be popular this year? What toppings are coming back and what’s on the horizon?
May 3/28/18 4/4/18 Employee Management Employee Management is different in a pizzeria. With 2 to 3 different generations of employees in the same business, what steps need to be taken to ensure the operation runs smoothly?
Bonus Distribution: National Restaurant Association Show
June 4/27/18 5/4/18 Health & Safety Health & Safety are one of the most critical topics affecting pizzerias today. This issue will review the best practices for cleaning, food safety and health inspections.
July 5/30/18 6/6/18 The Trends Issue 2018 The Trends Issue 2018. What is driving the industry? Production methods, Menu Offerings, Fast Casual vs. Take Out & Delivery vs. the Bistro. This issue will provide insider tips for future success and insight towards where the industry is headed.
August 7/2/18 7/10/18 Independent Pizzeria of the Year Independent Pizzeria of the Year. Our annual selection and analysis of who we believe is 2018’s best independent pizzeria operator.
September 7/27/18 8/3/18 Pizza & Pasta Northeast Pre-Show Issue Pizza & Pasta Northeast 2018 — 2nd Annual Pre-Show Issue will show what’s hot in the Italian restaurant scene and what’s expected to be on display at this year’s event. 1,000 issues will be distributed on the show floor.
Bonus Distribution: Pizza & Pasta Northeast
October 8/27/18 9/4/18 Pizza & Pasta Northeast Show Issue, Hot 100 Independents Pizza & Pasta Northeast 2nd Annual Show Issue and Show Guide. Today’s pizza and pasta is NOT like what your grandma served. New production methods, ingredient choices and consumer preferences have dramatically changed the menus across the country, especially in the Northeast U.S. … independent country.
Bonus Distribution: Pizza & Pasta Northeast
November 9/27/18 10/4/18 Top 100 Companies, who are they and why? Being one of the Top 100 Companies holds a special place in the minds of today’s pizzeria operators. While there will always be the Domino’s and Papa John’s of the world, many of today’s Top 100 began as independents. This issue provides an inside look at who’s at the top and some of them got there!
December 10/29/18 11/5/18 2019's Menu Development & Recipe Guide The Menu Development & Recipe Guide is the one issue a year, pizzeria operators count on for next year’s special menu items. This issue delivers some of the best new recipes we’ve found over the past year and presents them in an easy-to-use format.