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The vast majority begins with little to no experience in the business. They’re enthusiasts baking for friends and family in their home kitchens or backyards when they decide to take the next step. They’re self-taught entrepreneurs, capable of making an excellent pizza, but many struggle to find a profit because they don’t understand the business. They need help and advice.

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Trends and Statistics

While nothing dramatically new has affected the pizzeria industry in the last 12 months, the trends themselves have shifted in importance.

  1. Regional styles added to pizzerias is now a driving force of many operators’ success. New Haven, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, California and of course, New York-style pizzerias are finally being offered throughout the country! Specializing in one or more styles of pie is becoming more and more popular and is successfully setting these pizzerias apart from their immediate competitors.
  2. Online ordering and smart phone apps are rapidly growing in popularity. New apps and custom Web sites are being developed and offered to the industry every month. At the end of 2016, 60% of Domino’s business was e-commerce generated.
  3. Third-party delivery seems to be the answer to many operators’ delivery problems. Beginning with companies like GrubHub, now Lyft, Uber and Amazon have developed their own food delivery businesses.
  4. Fast casual, still the fastest growing segment in the industry, has experienced consolidation and market saturation over the last year. With independent operators learning how to modify the system, chains are no longer the sole providers of the “fast casual” experience and quality.
  5. Coal and wood–fired artisan pizzas are now what you see when the photo was taken of a high-quality pizza. They are far more popular and easier to find than they were in the past. Pizza Today’s Hot 100 Independent pizzerias in the country reflect this growing trend. These pizzerias offer a brand new dining experience as well as a new taste in appearance to pizza.
  6. Mobile pizzerias whether they are driven or dragged, these are becoming the rage for both “weekend pizzaiolos” looking to build a new business, and for those established “brick and mortar” operators looking to expand the reach, increase their revenue and build their brand.
  7. Gluten-free menus are definitely here to stay! While most pizzerias referred to their menu as “gluten friendly” this grassroots trend is posing both challenges and opportunities for today’s pizzerias. Gluten-free pizza is now everywhere.

2017 Industry statistics:

(IBIS World Industry Report 12/2016 / Pizza Restaurants in The USA)

$45 Billion Annual Revenue
  • Growth from 2011-2016: +1.9%
  • Projected growth from 2016-2021: +1.3%

62,062 businesses operate 91,760 pizzerias (+2.3% since 2010)

  • 56% of units are independent generating 44% of industry sales

Large Chain Market Share

  • Pizza Hut: 13%
  • Domino’s: 11.5%
  • Little Caesar’s: 8.8%
  • Papa John’s: 6.6%

Primary Business

  • 53% takeout and delivery
  • 33% sit-down service
  • 14% catering

Product Offering/Top 100 Independent Pizzerias

77% sell beer
49% sell spirits
34% offer take and bake
63% serve pasta
17% have a buffet
97% serve salad
74% have a gluten-free menu
79% sell wine
50% sell slices
75% cater events
89% serve appetizers
81% serve sandwiches
49% offer online ordering
99% use a POS system